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Business and managerial economics involves the study of everything from product pricing and economic conditions to consumer behavior and the use of limited resources. Under current economic conditions and in today’s global economy, the unique skills of business economists are more important than ever. Today’s most skilled analysts, consultants and business leaders understand the intricacies of business economics, and the role it plays in a firm’s bottom line. A specialized MBA or other advanced degree in business economics serves as the foundation for these careers.

EconomicsGrad.org was developed to be a comprehensive resource where visitors can learn more about careers in business economics and the educational paths needed fo success in these careers. From employment projections and salary forecasts to graduate programs by region, EconomicsGrad.org has been designed to provide individuals with the information required to make the best decisions regarding their futures in business economics.

We encourage visitors to use EconomicsGrad.org to explore the many opportunities available to them through advanced study of business and managerial economics.