Certification for Business Ecomomists

The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) offers professional certification in the following areas:

  • MFM – Master Financial Manager
  • ChE – Chartered Certified Economist
  • CWM – Chartered Wealth Manager
  • AFA – Accredited Financial Analyst
  • CRA – Chartered Risk Analyst
  • MMC – Master Management Consultant

Other specialty certifications include:

  • MFP – Master Financial Professional
  • RBA – Registered Business Analyst
  • RFS – Registered Financial Specialist
  • CEPA – Chartered Economic Policy Analyst
  • CITA – Certified International Tax Analyst
  • CMA – Chartered Market Analyst

Each AAFM board certification holder must complete at least 15 hours of more of continuing education credits on an annual basis (15 hours is equivalent to a two-day seminar or conference event).

Certification for Business Consultants

Business consultants are not only educated and experienced in one or more areas of business, but they are also expected to stay current with the newest business technologies and the newest trends in doing business. With the nation’s constantly changing mindsets, views, and policies toward entrepreneurship and business, business consultants must able to adapt to shifting business contexts, thereby highlighting the importance of professional certification.The Institute of Management Consultants USA certifies business consultants through the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation. To quality for CMC certification, candidates must have:

  • At least 3 of the last 5 years in practice as a full-time consultant, with major management responsibility
  • A degree from a four-year college
  • Five satisfactory client evaluations
  • Written summaries of engagements
  • Passed a written examination followed by an oral examination with senior CMC examiners

All CMC professionals must complete at least 30 continuing professional development hours every 3 years to retain certification.

The Institute of Certified Business Consultants offers the CertBC designation for business consultants. Candidates must have the following to qualify for this designation:

  • A university degree
  • Three years of consulting experience
  • The completion of the Institute of Certified Business Consultants educational program

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