Alabama Graduate Economics Degrees

Alabama garners international attention for business, including growth industries like manufacturing and tourism. As such, the state provides ample opportunity for people pursuing graduate degrees with a focus on managerial economics. An economics degree teaches critical thinking which can be used on a range of jobs both in the private and public sectors.

There are a number of universities in Alabama offering master’s degrees in conventional economics, as well as business-centered managerial economics. The many online programs authorized to enroll Alabama students provide flexible options to working graduate students.

The Economic Development Association of Alabama also provides a wealth of information and has established several continuing economic educational courses.

Alabama’s Development Institute

Recently, the city of Montgomery launched the Community Development Institute in association with the state’s university system, gaining the attention of the Community Development Council (CDC). The CDC has since leant local economic development expertise to economic development projects lead by Montgomery’s Community Development Institute. These initiatives allow state economists the chance to be involved in economic development and expansion from the ground up.


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