Alaska Graduate Economics Degrees

Alaska is home to one campus-based program for professionals seeking a master’s degree in economics, but considerably more options for those pursuing graduate work in managerial economics.  Due to the size of the state, receiving classroom instruction for an economics degree may be impossible for many students.  There are, however, many online programs that offer a master’s in conventional economics, as well as MBA programs that offer the option to concentrate studies in the area of business and managerial economics.

For students seeking an academic foundation in business economics for a career in corporate management, there is no option better than an MBA. An MBA with a concentration in economics is a wise option for students seeking the credentials necessary for leadership positions in the sphere of business.

A typical graduate program in economics may include courses in:

  • Econometrics
  • Microeconomic theory
  • Mathematical economics
  • Renewable resource economics

Many of these programs require students to produce independent research and present it in the form of a thesis or seminar.  Some programs may also require students to demonstrate knowledge through a final written or oral examination.

A master’s degree in economics is a prudent option for students seeking a lucrative and secure career.  The National Association for Business Economics reports that professionals with a master of economics can expect a starting salary of $58,000 a year.  The career options for a recipient of this degree may include positions in government, public policy centers, or business.

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