Arizona Graduate Economics Degrees

Arizona has been at the forefront of a fundamental change in education: the rise of private and for-profit colleges. According to the Arizona Daily Star, one in ten master’s degrees are now earned through a for-profit or private institution. Among those degrees, economics shows promise, as Arizona is becoming a beachhead in the battle for the American economy.

Opportunities for Economics Majors in Arizona

State economists are at the forefront of Arizona’s battle to fight poverty: Arizona students with graduate degrees in economics have an opportunity to help institute real change in the area. The economist’s task of analyzing data and making it actionable provides the vital information decision-makers in the state need. Economists will help to determine the right course of action when it comes to the controversial economic issues of the day. Students in Arizona who pursue master’s degrees in economics may very well form the rudder of America’s future economic policies.

Four universities in Arizona offer master’s degrees in economics or MBAs with economics concentrations, and the state is full of opportunities for those who wish to practice their profession. Though government jobs in economics are common, especially in dealing with the labor and banking sectors, the state is growing in industries like the sciences–especially medical sciences.

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