Arkansas Careers in Economics

Arkansas presents a number of opportunities for professionals with advanced degrees in conventional financial economics, as well as those who studied business and managerial economics.  The majority of these career opportunities can be found around the capital of Little Rock.

The job market in Arkansas is expected to experience considerable growth from 2008 through 2018.  The Arkansas Department of Workforce Services predicts the 87 public sector economist positions will be added between 2008 and 2018.  During this period 126 business and managerial economics professor positions will be added, while 21 economics professor jobs will be added.

Professionals with a master’s in economics may pursue public sector economist careers with these organizations:

  • Arkansas Economic Development Commission
  • Arkansas Policy Foundation

Economist Salaries in Arkansas

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Arkansas organizations employed 90 public sector economists in 2011.  The average salary for these economists was $63,500 for the year.  The 60 economists working in the Little Rock area earned an average of $67,810 for the year.

The 800 business and managerial professors working throughout the state in 2011 averaged $69,880 in annual salaries in 2011.  The 210 business and managerial economics professors employed in the Little Rock area received, on average, $69,730 in annual income.

There were 100 economics professors employed by Arkansas educational institutions in 2011, earning an average salary of $86,960 as of 2011.  Little Rock economics professors totaled 30 and earned an average of $80,860 in annual salary.

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