Colorado Careers in Economics

Colorado boasts a modest economics community that is expected to grow steadily in the coming years.  The majority of opportunities for economics degree holders are likely to be found in Denver.

Prospective economists and business economics professionals most often seek employment opportunities in Colorado’s largest industries:

  • Government – In addition to many state organizations, the federal government has NORAD and a number of important installations within the state that support careers in economics
  • Information technology – Due to Colorado’s elevation and central location, many broadcast networks are headquartered in the state and support managerial economist jobs
  • Mining and natural resources – Colorado houses immense natural gas and petroleum reserves, and is home to a number of mining and extraction companies that are among the area’s top employers of business economists

Those who studied conventional economics may wish to seek employment opportunities at Colorado’s many universities, government agencies and think tanks:

  • Economic Development Council of Colorado
  • Colorado Department of Revenue
  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Colorado State University System

Economist Salaries in Colorado

In 2011, Colorado supported the employment of 160 economists at an average annual salary of $91,450.  Ninety of these professionals could be found in the Denver area, earning, on average, $86,660 for the year.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that ten new state economist positions will be added throughout the state during the 2010 to 2020 period, with many more positions available to business and managerial economists.

Colorado educational institutions employed 1,280 business professors in 2011 and paid them, on average, $87,220.  The 590 business professors working in the Denver area drew average annual salaries of $95,210.

The 280 economics professors teaching in Colorado’s colleges averaged $87,710 in 2011. Denver’s post-secondary institutions employed 130 economics professors and provided them with average annual salaries of $82,720.

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