Colorado Graduate Economics Degrees

There are four universities that are based in Colorado and offer master’s degree programs in economics.  In addition to these universities that are native to the state, many out of state institutions offer classroom instruction for a MA or MS in economics at their Colorado-based campuses.  Many of these schools, as well as a number of others that specialize in managerial and business economics, also offer comparable programs online.

The curriculum at these campus-based and online programs often include courses in:

  • Microeconomic theory
  • Labor economics
  • Economic development
  • Mathematical economics
  • Econometrics
  • Mathematical statistics

What Colorado’s Graduates do with a Masters in Economics

A master’s degree in economics often serves as a springboard for a career in college teaching or in governmental analysis.  Both of these common career options are highly technical in nature, therefore, many graduate economics programs require students to conduct independent research and produce scholarly papers or theses.

Students interested in careers within Colorado’s business community consider advanced degrees in business and managerial economics.  A Master of Business Administration with a concentration in economics would satisfy job requirements for many corporate analyst and consultant positions, while also providing a solid foundation in general business practices, which would prepare the student for a career in corporate management.

Those students who wish to enter academia following obtainment of an advanced degree are likely to find the career financially rewarding.  The Commission on Professionals in Science Technology report that the starting salary for assistant professors in economics was $78,567 in 2006-2007.

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