Connecticut Careers in Economics

Connecticut organizations provide a significant number of career opportunities for advanced degree holders in economics.  The majority of these careers can be found in the intellectual and financial centers of Hartford and New Haven.  Hartford is considered a leading center for insurance and financial services, while New Haven is home to Yale University and a number of affiliated academic and public policy centers, making these cities the top locales in the state for careers in economics.

Conventional economist and business economist jobs are found at organizations throughout Connecticut, including:

  • State of Connecticut Department of Labor
  • Flagstaff Institute
  • Center for International and Area Studies
  • Connecticut State University System
  • Aetna

Connecticut Economist Salary and Job Data

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 230 economists were employed throughout Connecticut in 2011.  The average annual salary among Connecticut’s economists was $92,540.  Of these, 160 were employed in the Hartford area and averaged $87,430 in annual salaries.

Connecticut supported 1, 880 business and managerial economics professor jobs in 2011. These economist careers paid an average annual salary of $128,570 that year.

In the New Haven area, the 970 business and managerial economics professors working at local universities earned $120,945 on average. The 470 business and managerial economics professors employed in the Hartford area earned $85,460 on average that year.

There were 340 economics professor jobs in Connecticut during 2011, paying an average salary of $92,090.  Sixty of these professors held jobs in the New Haven area and earned $99,810 on average.  In the Hartford area, the 180 economics professor jobs paid an average of $90,620 in 2011.

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