Connecticut Graduate Economics Degrees

Connecticut is home to several universities that offer master’s degree programs in conventional economics, as well as schools of business offering programs in business and managerial economics.  These programs may offer a terminal master’s degree independently of a doctoral program, or it may be integrated with a Ph.D. program.  There are also a number of out-of-state online universities that offer similar degree programs through their campuses located throughout the Connecticut.

Connecticut Students who may wish to pursue a career in business may also wish to consider a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in business or managerial economics. This is ideal for professionals seeking a position in corporate management or in academia.

A master’s degree program will typically include courses that cover such topics as:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomic theory
  • Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Labor economics
  • Financial economics
  • Behavioral finance
  • International trade

Programs that are more scholarly in focus may require students to design and conduct research projects.  Students may be asked to present the results of research in a thesis, academic paper or oral presentation.

The goal of these programs – whether it be conventional or business-centric economics- is to provide Connecticut’s next generation of economists and business leaders with a strong foundations in economic theory and applications so they are better able to design and implement economic policy, and analyze and evaluate economic strategies on a regional, national or international level.

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