Delaware Careers in Economics

The largest industries in Delaware also support most careers in economics in the state. Delaware’s top employment industries include:

  1. Government
  2. Education
  3. Banking
  4. Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Technology
  5. Healthcare

Despite a small workforce in the conventional economics field, Delaware has a robust financial services industry consisting of professionals with backgrounds in managerial economics. This is due largely to its generous tax and incorporation laws.

Delaware’s public sector economist careers are supported by these organizations:

  • Delaware Economic Development Office
  • Delaware New Economics Foundation

Economist Salaries in Delaware

In 2011, the Delaware Department of Labor reported 74 economists working in the state.  The average annual salary among Delaware’s economists was $73,790 that year.

There were also 50 economics professors working in Delaware, earning a median salary of $109,540.

There were 264 business and managerial economics professors working in the state in 2011, with 230 of these found in the Wilmington area. The median annual salary for a business or managerial economics professor in the Wilmington area was $113,925 in 2011.

The median annual salary for an associate business economics professor was $95,910, while the median annual salary for an assistant business economics professor was $87,662.

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