Washington, DC Graduate Economics Degrees

Several universities within the District of Columbia confer master’s degrees in economics or MBAs with a concentration in managerial economics, and many more programs are available online to DC residents. Washington, D.C. leads the nation in post-secondary education intensity, according to the Georgetown Public Policy Institute Center on Education and the Workforce, with a higher concentration of jobs requiring graduate-level degrees than anywhere else in the nation.

The Economist states that DC is growing economically with much of the growth in the area’s industries resulting from the public sector’s economic policies coupled with sound economic analysis coming from the private sector.

In spite of many voices to the contrary, the United States is still the largest and most powerful economy in the world. Its center of power is Washington, D.C., and as such opportunities to have a tremendous impact exist for the economist educated within the district.

The nation’s economic policy–and, to some extent, the world’s–is set in D.C. Here, economic analysis thrives, driven by regulators like the Federal Trade Commission, by businesses that lobby for their industry, by nonprofits dedicated to legislation’s impact on the economy, and by media groups that disseminate and communicate important economic data.


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