Florida Graduate Economics Degrees

More than a dozen universities in Florida confer master’s degrees in economics, with many more offering economics-focused MBA programs specific to financial and managerial economics. However, the economics student also has the opportunity to become a big fish in the state, as only 30 students received master’s degrees in economics in 2010, according to the University System of Florida’s Board of Governors, leaving the door wide open to success for graduates who secure public sector positions as economists or take on leadership roles in the private sector.

Florida is one of the economic centers of the United States. In 2011, the professional services research group, Greyhill Advisors, called Florida the third best state in the nation for businesses to establish operations. It is one of the most economically forward-thinking regions of the world, where bright graduates of advanced programs in financial and managerial economics can expect to do well in either the public or private sector.

Florida is a hub of technological innovation in the aerospace and defense industries, home to more than two dozen military bases and more than 100,000 military personnel. The defense contracting business in Florida is so big, in fact, that nearly $6 billion in military defense contract spending was awarded to Duval County contractors alone in the course of the last ten years.

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