Georgia Graduate Economics Degrees

Georgia residents have options when pursuing a master’s degree in economics. The Georgia Department of Education oversees the two traditional campus-based schools in the state offering advanced degrees in economics, as well as the many other online schools that enroll Georgia residents. Graduate-level economics students in Georgia can opt for a technology- or business-focused program at the in-state campuses, or a variety of special focuses when choosing from online options.

The Georgia Department of Labor reports that metro Atlanta’s jobless rate dropped to 8.9% in August 2012. This is especially good news considering the drop was due to an increase in jobs and not workers leaving their fields.

Opportunities for Economics Majors in Georgia

Georgia is rich in agriculture and many economics students are interested in taking an agriculturally-focused approach to their education with MS or MA programs in agricultural economics. Soybean prices are on the rise and some local farmers are dedicating more of their acreage to planting and harvesting this alternative to more traditional crops.

WUGA reports that many farmers are testing the waters of this profitable crop in lieu of old favorites like peanuts, corn, and cotton. State economists have long projected that the state’s largely agriculturally-based economy could benefit from the stability that would come from a more a greater diversification of crops. As soybeans are in high demand and fetching good prices in a global market, economists have viewed the crop as one of the best ways for Georgia to maintain a strong standing in the global food commodities market.

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