Hawaii Graduate Economics Degrees

All universities located in Hawaii are governed by the Hawaii Department of Education. The department also grants approval to the out-of-state online schools that enroll residents of Hawaii. This is good news for island residents who don’t want to give up life in paradise to pursue an advanced degree on the mainland. In addition to the one, traditional campus-based school offering advanced degrees in economics, there are a number of accredited online programs available to island residents that confer master’s degrees in economics and managerial economics, as well as those that offer MBA programs with an emphasis in managerial economics.

Selecting an online institution is the best choice for many prospective students. Flexibility, zero commute time, and the ability to continue to work are all big draws for online students. A student must possess excellent time management skills in order to succeed in any advanced degree program, whether it’s in the classroom or online.

Studying economics is particularly intriguing on the island because of the unique agricultural sector that exists here. The Garden Island recently reported on a recent Kauai Chamber of Commerce meeting where news about the island’s economy was the hot topic. Local economists are confident in Kauai’s steady recovery from the recession and have reported growth in every area, from construction and infrastructure development to agriculture and tourism.

Hawaiian tourism is in great shape on every island according to the Wall Street Times. In fact, economists have stated that Honolulu is on track to beat the 2006 record. The recovering economy around the country is bringing more tourism to the islands and is cause for the 20% increase in spending during the first nine months of 2012. The number of visitors is up 10% from 2011 at around 7.9 million total tourists. Spending from tourists is expected to reach $13.89 billion for the 2012 year which will inject much-needed revenue into the local economy.

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