Idaho Graduate Economics Degrees

The Idaho State Department of Education oversees all universities and colleges operating in the state, including national schools with local satellite campuses or on-line schools that have been approved to work with Idaho residents. Online schools provide an alternative to Idaho residents who are committed to pursuing an advanced degree in economics without leaving the state. Idaho residents can apply to an online, accredited master’s degree program in conventional economics, as well as business-centered programs in managerial economics. Internships, field experience, and networking with local economists while studying in virtual classrooms are a great fit for many students.

Interesting career prospects exist for economics students in Idaho. Idaho is a particularly interesting region for economists. Equity reports on the huge mark missed by Moody Analytics economists who predicted that Idaho would be one of the first five states to recover from the recession. While the state is slowly recovering, it’s nowhere near where forecasters around the nation thought it would be by 2012. Idaho’s Division of Financial Management depends on an economic regression model that uses historical data to create forecasts. The Great Recession was unprecedented and has left economists looking for new, future avenues for generating economic forecasts.

Future Idaho economists are in a great position to be a part of this restructuring. There are many changes ahead. Idaho’s traditional agricultural economy is also making room for an influx manufacturing businesses. Shifts in economic modeling, traditional economy boosters like farming, and new businesses are mapping the way for an intriguing future for Idaho’s economy.

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