Illinois Graduate Economics Degrees

Illinois’ economy is diverse: Most of the region is devoted to agricultural growth, while its advanced manufacturing industry is robust, and, of course, Chicago remains one of the financial centers of the U.S. As such, Illinois residents who pursue graduate studies in business and managerial economics have a wide variety of industries in which to focus their expertise, and may find themselves at the forefront of key banking or agricultural decisions for the nation.

Pursuing Graduate Degrees in Economics in Illinois

Eleven Illinois Universities offer the conventional Master’s in Economics degrees, according to the IBHE Enrollments and Degrees System. Two offer Master’s in Agricultural Economics, and many more offer an MBA with a focus in managerial economics.

According to the Illinois Board of Higher Education, 209 Master’s Degrees in General Economics were conferred in 2010, while thirteen received the Master’s in Economics with an Agricultural focus and four received MBAs with a managerial economics focus. In the industries of banking and agriculture especially, Illinois represents a tremendous area of opportunity for master’s prepared graduates.

For professionals seeking an academic background in business economics, an MBA is a worthwhile option. A number of campus-based and online schools offer an MBA with a concentration in managerial economics, allowing graduates to pursue corporate leadership positions with a unique level of expertise in economics.

A typical master’s degree in economics will require classes in microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory, applied statistics, labor economics, international trade, monetary macroeconomics, or econometrics. Successful completion of a master’s program would provide a firm foundation in the economic theories and financial topics most relevant to business and government.

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