Indiana Careers in Economics

The good news for future economists in Indiana is that the state is creating new career opportunities across the board, indicating a bright spot on the horizon. The Business Outlook Panel estimates payroll growth in Indiana will increase 1.5% by next year, although the state isn’t expected to reach pre-recession employment rates until 2014. Economists speculate that the Indiana unemployment rate will drop by the end of 2012, with 400,000 total new jobs added during the year.

Economics Careers in Indiana’s Manufacturing and Corporate Sectors

A number of large manufacturers and corporations are based in Indiana and hire economists, economic consultants, and analysts to keep pace with market trends and advise executives on the best investment strategies in a recovering economy. The following are among the top private employers of economists in Indiana:

  • BrightPoint, Indianapolis
  • Cummins, Columbus
  • Eli Lilly, Indianapolis
  • NiSource, Merrillville
  • Steel Dynamics, Fort Wayne
  • WellPoint, Indianapolis

State agencies and institutions of higher education also require economists. Many local, state, and federal agencies hire economists to gauge the placement of Indiana within the economy, while higher education institutions hire economics professors and researchers. The following are among the top public-sector employers of economists in Indiana:

  • Department of Workforce Development
  • State Department of Personnel
  • State of Indiana
  • 17 public university campuses
  • 12 liberal arts colleges
  • 27 private colleges and universities

Indiana is home to a number of professional organizations for those in the field of economics, including:

  • American Society of Health Economists
  • Economic Club of Indiana
  • Indiana Association for Community Economic Development
  • Indiana Economic Development Association

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