Indiana Graduate Economics Degrees

According to the Indiana Department of Education, there are three universities in the state that offer masters programs in economics. One university offers a neoclassical approach to studying economics while another offers both a traditional, in-class setting and a 100% online program. A master’s in economics/MBA combination program is offered at one university and all universities offer PhD programs in economics. Many students choose to continue directly onto their doctoral program after completing the master’s program requirements. Many more out-of-state programs offer online master’s and doctorate programs to Indiana residents.

There are also a number of specializations available including risk management consulting, accounting, intellectual property consulting, and economic consulting to name a few. The Indiana Department of Education oversees all universities in the state, as well as out of state schools offering online programs in Indiana.

The Bureau of Labor Services reports that Indiana economists’ earn an average salary of $89,450 or $43 per hour. Holding an advanced degree in economics is a smart way to improve job outlook and help secure higher-paying positions.

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