Kansas Graduate Economics Degrees

There are a number of state and private universities that offer master’s degrees in economics in traditional, classroom settings. Two of these universities also offer Ph.D. programs in economics. The Kansas State Department of Education oversees all campus-based programs in the state, and also grants resident enrollment approval to online programs offered by out-of-state programs.

Some would-be economists opt to combine master’s programs with specialties, such as agricultural law, or pursue MBA programs that offer business economics concentrations.

According to Bloomberg, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is a hot spot for national economists to gather. A recent symposium welcomed Princeton economists who engaged a crowd made up of Kansas’ most elite business economists and economics students in discussions ranging from federal monetary policy to economic measures being considered to improve Kansas’ participation in the global marketplace.

Economists with the Kansas Labor Department say the state has added 18,000 non-farm jobs in the last year, 17,000 of which are non-government jobs. New tax cuts are slated to add an additional 23,000 jobs in 2013. However, Jeremy Hill, a local economist, says that it will still take years to return to the employment levels Kansas boasted before the recession began.

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