Kentucky Careers in Economics

The State of Kentucky announced that seven of the state’s 11 economic sectors have reported an increase in employment. A total of 2,500 non-farm jobs have been added during August. Additionally, the sectors that did cite job losses are in fields that do not typically employ economists.

Economics Jobs in Kentucky’s Healthcare and Retail Industries

Kentucky is home to a number of national corporations and multinationals heavily reliant on the skills of business economists and economic analysts. Among these are healthcare organizations, retailers, and service providers who support most of the state’s careers in business economics. Business economists are involved in analyzing market trends and developing strategies that maximize the fiscal health of these companies. Some of the major employers of economic strategists with headquarters or major operations in Kentucky include:

  • Ashland, Covington
  • General Cable, Highland Heights
  • Humana, Louisville
  • Kindred Healthcare, Louisville
  • Omnicare, Covington
  • Yum Brands, Louisville

Kentucky’s state government agencies are also major employers of economists in the state:

  • Kentucky Heritage Council
  • State of Kentucky
  • The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments


Economics Salaries in Kentucky

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that economists in Kentucky earned an average of $61,730 as of its most recent report in May 2011. Despite the highly specialized nature of the work performed by economists, nearly 1 in every 1000 workers in the state is an economist.

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