Kentucky Graduate Economics Degrees

Kentucky is home to a number of traditional universities that offer master’s degrees in economics, and many other out-of-state online programs have received approval from the Kentucky Department of Education to enroll residents of the state. Since Kentucky’s economy is largely agriculturally based, students often choose to specialize their programs to include agricultural-related topics or even pursue full MA or MS programs specific to agricultural economics.

One of the biggest perks of pursuing a master’s degree in economics in Kentucky is being in the heart of the nation’s leading agricultural economy. The 13th annual Kentucky Grazing Conference, most recently held in October 2012, welcomed leading economists from around the world to discuss the global economic impact of the year’s drought, which is expected to increase food prices all over the world. It is through economic projections and analysis that the full scale of the impact will be understood in an increasingly interdependent global economy in which American grain and meat is routinely exported to foreign markets.

According to Businessweek, unemployment rates have been down in 98 Kentucky counties in the past year. There are some rural areas with higher unemployment rates, but the good news for those entering the field of economics is that many of the top employers of business economists are in industries largely insulated from the state’s broader economic issues.

Eagle Country reports that Kentucky has relatively low unemployment rates when compared to neighboring states Illinois and Michigan.

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