Louisiana Careers in Economics

Louisiana’s unemployment plunged most in August 2012 as compared to all other states. According to The Advertiser, Lafayette’s Parish led the state with an impressive 4.9% unemployment rate in August and is down from July’s 5.3%. The Lafayette Economic Development Authority President Gregg Gothreaux says, “This continues the multiyear trend of our community as a top 10 place in the country for job growth, wage growth, middle class growth and GDP growth.”

Economics Jobs in Louisiana’s Corporate and Government Sectors

A number of large national corporations and multinationals call Louisiana home and support many of the careers in managerial and business economics within the state. These companies employ business economists to help maintain dominance in their respective market verticals through an understanding of the landscape of the local and national economy in order to strategize avenues for maximizing revenue. Some of these companies include:

  • Century Link, Monroe
  • Entergy, New Orleans
  • Shaw Group, Baton Rouge

Other economists choose to work for Louisiana’s municipal and state agencies, as well as federal agencies with offices in Louisiana. Experts in these agencies often work closely with public officials and other civil servants to plan the best investment strategies for state funds:

  • Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
  • Louisiana Legislative Fiscal Office
  • Louisiana Public Service Commission
  • Natural Resources Conservation Services


Economics Salaires in Louisiana

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports respectable wages for economists in Louisiana. The average salary of an economist here is $79,690 or $38.31 per hour.

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