Louisiana Graduate Economics Degrees

The Louisiana Department of Education oversees all universities and colleges in the state, and also grants approval to online programs housed in out-of-state schools that enroll Louisiana residents.

Opportunities for Economics Master’s Students in Louisiana

Whether a person chooses a traditional or online master’s program, Louisiana is a fantastic state to study economics at the graduate level. The Republic reports that Louisiana has a $130 million budget surplus left over from the 2011 fiscal year. This impressive sum is larger than what anyone expected, leaving state economists with the somewhat vexing question of how best to allocate that money at a time when virtually all state-funded programs – from education to infrastructure development – could benefit from it.

The majority of the funds came from business taxes. Some officials want to spend the money to fill the state’s Medicaid program to avoid further hospital cuts while others would prefer the funding to go to Louisiana’s “rainy day fund.” It is Louisiana’s leading economists who are advising officials on the best route for spending.

As an agriculturally rich state, Louisiana depends largely on crops and farming for a healthy economy. Of course, living in a region known for hurricanes and tropical storms can make this risky business. However, the state has fared much better after Hurricane Isaac than neighboring states. Although The Daily Reveille recently reported that the state experienced $100 million in crop loss, according to a leading Louisiana-based agricultural economist, this is minimal. Although the results of crop loss from droughts and other acts of god are expected to ripple through the global economy in the form of increased food prices, Louisiana is expected to avoid the kind of devastating hit other agriculturally-based economies in the region will experience.

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