Minnesota Graduate Economics Degrees

The Minnesota Department of Education is responsible for overseeing all universities and colleges in the state, and grants approval to out-of-state online schools that enroll Minnesota residents. In some cases, master’s programs in economics can be combined with undergraduate coursework for a five-year BA/MS plan.

While campus-based schools in Minnesota offering graduate degrees in economics are few, a variety of online master’s programs give residents the choice of MA or MS managerial economics degrees, or even MBAs with a concentration in managerial economics. Having a choice of institution, programming, and classroom setting (traditional or virtual) is more than a perk for many applicants. The option of continuing to work, avoiding a costly move, and cutting out commute times are what draws many people to online universities.

However, there is some good news for other industries in the state. The West Central Tribune reports an impressive number of micro-enterprises popping up and thriving in west central Minnesota. The Southwest Minnesota Initiative Foundation approves about one new micro-business loan per week. Economic analysts see this as a more than just a ray of hope in the struggling economy. This unique program is expected to allow small businesses to expand operations and hire new employees. State economists agree that this kind of job creation is the key to resolving the state’s economic woes.

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