Mississippi Graduate Economics Degrees

There are three universities in Mississippi that offer master’s degrees in conventional economics, while many more offer programs in business and managerial economics. The state Department of Education oversees all accredited schools in the state, as well as national schools with satellite campuses in-state or out-of-state online schools with authorization to enroll Mississippi residents. Online programs generally allows for more choice when it comes to emphasizing a specific concentration within economics. Some universities also offer Ph.D. programs or specialized master’s of economic development.

Mississippi economists are at the hub of a unique experience. Numerous reports, including a recent article by WREG, claim that Mississippi is slipping back into a recession while the rest of the nation recovers. Mississippi’s state economist Dr. Darrin Webb cites that the state started slipping backward between April and June of 2012. This is bad news for the state, but proves to be an interesting foundation for the public sector economists who will be developing the policies necessary for a recovery

Webb caught lawmakers off guard by citing poor education as the leading cause of a slow recovery instead of taxes. While this may be true, it’s good news for Mississippi residents who plan to pursue an advanced degree, which can lead to more lucrative and more stable jobs post-graduation.

Networking is particularly important for recent graduates entering the industry. There are a number of avenues for economists in Mississippi to connect with colleagues. These organizations provide opportunities for career and professional growth:

  • Mississippi Council on Economic Education
  • Mississippi Development Authority
  • Mississippi Economic Development Council
  • The American Economic Association, Mississippi branch

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