Missouri Careers in Economics

Missouri has a robust economy with many major companies and economic organizations headquartered in the state.  Careers in business and managerial economics are expected to grow steadily over the coming years, presenting many job opportunities, primarily in the metropolitan centers of St. Louis and Kansas City.

Economists in Missouri seeking career opportunities are encouraged to research job openings at government agencies, educational institutions, large corporations and public policy centers including:

  • Monsanto
  • Charter Communications
  • Missouri Department of Economic Development
  • University of Missouri System
  • Show Me Institute

Missouri Economics Salary and Job Data

In 2011, Missouri supported 160 economist careers throughout the state. These economists averaged $88,480 in annual income.  The 40 economists working in the St. Louis area earned an average of $115,820 for the year.  Kansas City organizations employed 110 economists and paid them an average salary of $83,270 for the year.

Post-secondary educational institutions employed 1,760 business and managerial economics professors in 2011, compensating them with average annual salaries of $65,820.  A thousand of these business and managerial economics professor careers were in the St. Louis metropolitan. These jobs paid an average salary of $66.910.  The 330 business and managerial economics professors working in the Kansas City area averaged $67,930 in annual income.

There were 210 professors of conventional economics working in Missouri in 2011. Their average annual salary was $70,630.  St. Louis universities employed 80 economics professors and paid them $65,130 on average.

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