Missouri Graduate Economics Degrees

Missouri is home to a number of universities with economics degree programs at the master’s level.  Missouri also hosts a number of out of state universities that offer master’s degrees in economics at campuses throughout the state.  Missouri’s graduate students often take advantage of the flexibility of online programs offered by the many post-secondary schools with authorization to enroll state residents granted through the Missouri Department of Education.

The curriculum for a master’s degree program may vary considerably depending on the structure and focus of the department- whether conventional economics or managerial economics offered through a school of business. A number of schools in Missouri provide advanced degrees in economics to students preparing to enter scholarly study within academia.  These programs typically require rigorous coursework accompanied by research that must be presented in the form of a thesis or dissertation.

MBA with a Concentration in Business Economics

Other economics master’s programs are more concerned with providing a sound academic background for professionals seeking a position in corporate management.  Students pursuing this career track may also wish to consider obtaining a Master of Business Administration with a focus on business and managerial economics.  These programs usually do not require students to conduct independent research, although many do require a final examination that tests knowledge of various topics related to business administration and economics.

The economic curriculum of an MBA or master’s in economics program may include courses in:

  • Economic statistics
  • Economic theory
  • Advanced macroeconomic analysis
  • Econometric methods

The prospects for professionals with this degree are extremely good.  A study by Business Week showed that the second most popular field of study among the top one thousand U.S. CEOs was economics, behind only engineering.  The skills acquired in economics master’s programs are highly conducive to the responsibilities that many corporate managers and executives require to succeed.  Analysis of complex issues, mathematical proficiency, and mental flexibility are highly valued in the corporate world.

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