Nevada Graduate Economics Degrees

Nevada is home to two universities native to the state with master’s degree programs in economics.  There are also a number of out of state universities with campuses in Nevada that also offer master’s degrees in conventional economics, as well as business and managerial economics.

All of these programs require some coursework in topics such as:

  • Mathematical economics
  • Econometrics
  • Microeconomic theory
  • Labor economics
  • Macroeconomic theory

Some programs also may require students to complete independent research.  The results of research projects must often be presented in the form of a thesis, academic paper or seminar.

MBA Programs in Business and Managerial Economics

Another option for professionals seeking preparation for a career in higher education or corporate management is a Master of Business Administration.  MBA programs are available throughout Nevada and online.

Many of these programs permit a concentration in economics, which would provide the sound academic background necessary to teach at the collegiate level, while also preparing students for business management positions with extensive coursework in business economics.

A master’s degree in economics is often preparation for successful professional career with a lucrative salary. reports that the median mid-career income for professionals with this degree is $115,000 and that the demand for these professionals is expected to increase by 14.3% in coming years. states in a recent study that, among Fortune 100 CEOs, economics was the second most popular major, behind engineering.

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