New Mexico Careers in Economics

Nearly 25% of New Mexico jobs are with the government—a higher percentage even than Washington, D.C. Private sector jobs are perceived as being in decline, illustrated powerfully in the Albuquerque Journal, which reports that un-rented office space in the state has climbed to nearly 19%. The Journal also reports that the state’s rate of unemployment is about a percent and a half below the national average. In short, many burgeoning New Mexico economists seek careers with the Federal or state government, performing statistical analysis, report analysis, and other key tasks related to stimulating economic growth.

The private sector in New Mexico remains very much alive, however. Innovative businesses call New Mexico home. Among these are companies like Deep Web Technology, which utilizes heavy, economic-related statistical analysis to perform deep web search, and Los Alamos National Security, which keeps Los Alamos National Laboratory running

Economist Salary Data for New Mexico

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lower-level economists in the state average a little over $48,000 annually, vs. the national average of $50,100. Higher-level economists in New Mexico earn an average of $83,100 yearly, vs. the national average of $155,500 per annum. Job needs for economists in New Mexico are expected to remain relatively unchanged through 2018.

Graduates with master’s degrees in economics may be poised to find exciting opportunities within New Mexico.

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