New Mexico Graduate Economics Degrees

Two Universities in the state of New Mexico offer master’s degrees in economics. While universities in the state don’t offer managerial economics focus within their programs, agriculturally-minded students may pursue a Master of Arts in Agricultural Economics or find business economics master’s programs online. Though New Mexico retains a relatively light presence in terms of economics-related post-secondary education, the state’s challenged economy may offer one of the most fertile grounds for economic development. One New Mexico university even offers doctoral programs in economic development.

The Challenge for Economics Graduate Students in New Mexico

One of the contributing factors to New Mexico’s economic difficulty is the state’s unusual economic makeup: New Mexico Business Weekly states that nearly a quarter of New Mexico workers receive their paychecks directly from the state or Federal government. Oil is a very prominent source of state income as well. Economic issues have hit the government sector very hard, according to the Albuquerque journal.

To the aspiring master’s in economics graduate, this may present promising areas of opportunity: Economists may contribute to the state and Federal government’s high-level decision-making in terms of stimulating New Mexico’s economy, while the oil industry places a tremendous trust in economists, especially when it comes to understanding the supply/demand needs of this key industry.

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