Ohio Careers in Economics

If Ohio is a microcosm of the nation’s economy, then it certainly represents exciting opportunities for careers in economics. Over two-dozen Fortune 500 companies are based in Ohio. Some are retail giants, representing a challenge on the most fundamental economic terms—supply and demand. Those retailers include Cincinnati-based grocery giant Kroger, clothing powerhouse Macy’s, and discount retailer Big Lots, all of which are among Ohio’s top employers of managerial economists.

The insurance industry, which depends on economic analysis to determine premiums, moves forward with Columbus-based Nationwide and Progressive in Mayfield Village.

CNN reports that Ohio might grow its already multitudinous industrial presence through one of the world’s most precious and perishable commodities: oil. Economists will be vital as America determines the fuel of its future; with fossil fuels running out, the supply of oil must be maintained while the transportation industry segues to new technologies.

Economist Salary Data for Ohio

While no city-specific data is available in relation to economist salaries in Ohio’s largest cities, Ohio’s median income for economists is $92,100 annually. This is well above the national average of $89,450 annually.

Ohio’s educational system and economy are both thriving. Opportunities await master’s in economics graduates in nearly every industry.  While the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for economists in Ohio is expected to decrease through 2018, the prospects of participating in one of America’s most exciting economies may no doubt excite the future economist.

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