Ohio Graduate Economics Degrees

Nearly a dozen Universities within Ohio confer master’s in economics degrees, or MBAs with a focus on managerial economics.

Ohio offers an incredibly vast array of industries, which may fascinate the economics student, as it is one of the educational and economic hubs of the United States. It is a leader in exports, the sciences, aerospace, the military industrial complex, insurance, finance, health care, steel, plastics, rubber and agriculture.

Economics Graduate Contribute to Ohio’s Economy

One unique benefit to Ohio’s master’s-level economics students is that its educational system is uniquely intertwined with its own economy. The state contains one of the largest higher education system in the US, according. Given that Ohio is quite prosperous in economic terms in relation to the rest of the country, students may graduate in a relatively job-rich environment—or even enjoy employment within a thriving educational system.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics pins Ohio’s unemployment rate at a 7.2% in September of 2012, trending just below the national average of 7.8% at the time. Based on that statistic, as well as the thriving and diverse economy of the state, Ohio’s graduates with master’s degrees in economics are poised to work in an area that represents a microcosm of the nation’s economy.

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