Oklahoma Careers in Economics

Students who graduate with a master’s degree in economics in Oklahoma stand poised to enter promising segments in several industries. Energy is the driving force in Oklahoma’s economy. CNN lists four Fortune 500 companies that call Oklahoma home: Oneok and Williams in Tulsa, and Devon Energy and Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City. Careers in economics in Oklahoma are key to performing analytical functions to help make energy sources deliverable–and profitable.

Energy, however, is not the only industry in Oklahoma that supports economist jobs. Sonic Drive-in and Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Stores both are based in Oklahoma. These food-producing companies challenge the economist to analyze real world data in which commodity prices can directly—and quickly—influence the local economy.

Analytics is a fundamental component of establishing insurance premiums. To that end, economists may find jobs at Oklahoma-based Global Life and Accident Insurance or American Fidelity Assurance Company.

Success may additionally be had for the Oklahoma economist in the agriculture industry. According to the US Department of Agriculture, Oklahoma produces substantial amounts of cattle and wheat on its nearly 44 million acres of farmland.

Economist Salaries in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s median salary for economists is below the national average:

  • Oklahoma City: $62,610
  • Tulsa: $71,200
  • State average: $63,720
  • National average: $89,450

However, the opportunity to work in a region vital to America’s energy industry may prove extremely exciting for the future economist.

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