Oregon Careers in Economics

Managerial economists are charged with analyzing and tracking market trends. These professionals work closely with executives to help gauge the best investment choices and strategic positioning so as to keep the companies they work for well-positioned for gains.

Economists in Oregon’s Public and Private Sectors

Oregon is home to the headquarters of a number of multinationals that support private sector managerial economics careers in the state. Notable among these is Nike, headquartered in Beaverton.

Choosing to work as a public sector economist is another avenue. Nearly every government agency requires the expertise of an economist. State economists enjoy job stability, attractive salaries, benefits, and pensions. A few Oregon agencies that hire economists include:

  • City of Portland
  • Newberg Economic Development
  • Office of Economic Analysis
  • State of Oregon Comptroller’s Office

Resources for Economists in Oregon

Every state economy is different and networking is critical for a new economist’s success. Fortunately, there are many organizations and associations in Oregon that provide opportunities to meet colleagues. Some of these organizations include:

  • Oregon Business Association
  • Oregon Business Council
  • Oregon Economic Development Association
  • Western Economic Association International

Economist Salaries in Oregon

The job market in Oregon is vastly improving due to the restoration economy. Unemployment rates are on par with 2009’s low of 7.8 percent. Joblessness in Oregon plummeted to a 44-month low in October 2012. There have been a total of 144,000 jobs added in three months, many of which are part of the state’s restoration initiatives.

The Bureau of Labor Services (BLS) cites a promising future for residents pursuing advanced degrees in economics. The average salary for an economist in Oregon is $94,550 or $45.43 per hour, which is higher than other states with comparative populations per capita.

Although there are currently only 230 public sector economists working in the state, many more professionals with backgrounds in managerial economics hold positions of influence within the private sector.

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