Oregon Graduate Economics Degrees

A number of universities that offer master’s degrees in economics are located in Oregon. Each of these programs offers specializations in fields like International Economics, Resource and Environment Economics, and Game Theory. However, interested applicants also have the option of pursuing online master’s programs in economics, including programs in the more business-focused concentration of managerial economics.

The Oregon Department of Education oversees all universities in the state, including the out-of-state, online programs authorized to enroll Oregon residents. Both online and traditional programs prepare students to become experts in the field, or function as a precursor to doctoral studies.

Economic Development in Oregon’s Restoration Economy

At 7.8 percent, unemployment numbers in Oregon reached a low in October 2012. The “restoration economy” movement is behind the surge in additional jobs that Oregonians are seeing. According to the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), Oregon’s sustainability-centered culture is proving extraordinarily successful in moving the economy forward. A focus on benefiting the economy, residents, and the earth is a trend that Oregon is helping to spearhead. This environmental restoration movement, initiated by local economists, has brought about more job creation than has been seen in most other sectors. Restoration economy jobs keep money local, which is the key factor contributing to the economic boost seen in the state in recent months.

Oregon’s measures to legalize marijuana have been a controversial avenue for generating more tax revenue and funneling money into the local economy. Oregon, Washington, and Colorado are potentially the first three states to make recreational use of marijuana legal according to the Huffington Post. Marijuana taxes and reduced financial strains on criminal justice-related resources might prove to be a windfall to the Oregon economy, and is an idea that has gained support from many state economists.

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