Rhode Island Careers in Economics

Small businesses are popular in Rhode Island but there are also a number of large, top-rated corporations that are hiring. An economist that chooses to work for a large business oversees the analysis and research of market trends. Economists work closely with financial experts and executives to forecast future market conditions and recommend investments. Some of the major private sector employers of business economists include:

  • American Partners, Pawtucket
  • CVS Caremark, Woonsocket
  • Drupal Connect, Newport
  • Textron, Providence

Other careers in economics available to Rhode Island residents with advanced degrees include key positions in state government. Many public sector economists in the state have eagerly anticipated the tentative creation of a new State Office of Commerce. These existing state agencies currently rely on the expertise of economists:

  • City of Providence Department of Economic Development
  • Department of Transportation
  • Office of Recovery and Reinvestment
  • State of Rhode Island

Resources for Rhode Island Economists

Getting acquainted with colleagues and economic experts is critical for new economists. However, students can also join organizations while pursuing an advanced degree. Here are a few organizations focused on the Rhode Island economy:

  • North Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Rhode Island Black Business Association
  • Rhode Island Builders Association

Economist Salaries in Rhode Island

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports good news for analysts in the state. Many economists work as economic analysts for corporations or government agencies. The average salary for economic analysts in Rhode Island is $67,000, but senior analysts command $81,700.

In Rhode Island, there are 1.695 analyst jobs posted per 1,000 jobs and 4.691 postings per 1,000 for senior analysts.

Rhode Island has had one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation since the recession, but that might be changing. Recent reports cite a drop in state unemployment rates during the summer of 2012 – down to 10.7 percent.

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