Rhode Island Graduate Economics Degrees

There is only one university in Rhode Island that offers a master’s degree in economics. However, the program is designed as a Ph.D. program and requires applicants to apply for the Ph.D. when applying for the one-year master’s program. However, residents have more than one option. There are a large number of online universities offering master’s programs in conventional economics, as well as business-centered programs in business and managerial economics, including a specialized MBA option. The Rhode Island Department of Education governs all institutions in the state, including online schools authorized to enroll Rhode Island residents.

Some students excel with an online format in lieu of a traditional program, preferring the flexibility and specialization options. Students in Rhode Island pursuing advanced economics degrees for private sector work rather than a research or academically focused Ph.D., very often defer to online options.

Opportunities for Economics Majors in Rhode Island

Economists in Rhode Island are committed to getting “back to the basics” according to the Ventura County Star. It’s rumored that a new State Office of Commerce might be created in the next few years in order to spur economic growth in the state. This will, of course, open up numerous opportunities for economists and recent graduates of master’s level economics programs. Rhode Island’s governor is focusing on helping local businesses grow and putting state support behind the many entrepreneurs and small business owners in the state.

A review of how Rhode Island handles economic expansion and opportunities for small business owners is long overdue according to many critics. The fact that the governor is emphasizing the need to boost the economy means that a critical turning point is right around the corner. The possibility of a new state agency geared solely toward economic development creates a tremendous opportunity in the field of economics.

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