South Carolina Graduate Economics Degrees

A number of universities in South Carolina offer a conventional master’s degree in economics, while other business schools in the state, as well as out-of-state, online schools offer MBA programs that include a concentration in managerial and business economics. The traditional universities in the state offer only a master’s in arts option, but are geared to prepare students for positions within business upon graduation.

Accredited online master’s programs in economics often provide more flexibility in getting an advanced education that fits easier into a busy life.

Opportunities for Both Public and Private Sector Economists in South Carolina

South Carolina is a geographically small state that’s shaping up to be solid for 2013. It’s expected that the state budget won’t need to be cut in 2013’s first quarter according to the State’s official web site. Tax revenue grew by 2.8 percent, or $18 million, in August, which has put South Carolina ahead of budget analysts’ expectations.

The wind energy industry has proven to be a boon to the state’s economy. According to Clean Energy, the wind industry contributed $530 million in total output in 2012. An estimated $29 million benefited the state government directly and $21 million was directed to local governments. The wind energy industry employs 1,134 South Carolina residents in high-paying jobs, including analysts and business leaders with backgrounds in economics.

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