South Dakota Careers in Economics

Economists who choose to serve in jobs as private sector analysts for corporations with a presence in South Dakota are vital to forecasting market trends and providing strategic insights that executives use to make the most challenging business decisions. Some of the state’s top employers of economists in the private sector include:

  • 1st Financial Bank, North Sioux City
  • Reliamax, Sioux Falls
  • Sanford Brown, Sioux Falls

Government agencies are another prime option for economics careers. Serving the public can also provide a boost in income, benefits, and job security. Many government agencies at the local, state, and federal level require the unique expertise of economists. Among the top supporters of public sector careers in economics in South Dakota is the state comptroller’s office, as well as the many municipal government offices within the state’s major cities.

South Dakota’s Economic Development Associations

Through professional associations and development councils, dedicated economists in South Dakota contribute to the policies that help spur economic growth in the state:

  • Council on Economic Education
  • South Dakota Chamber of Commerce
  • South Dakota Soybean Association


Economist Salaries in South Dakota

South Dakota boasts an incredibly low 4.4 percent unemployment rate, which is the lowest in the region, while the national unemployment rate hovers at 8.3 percent. In fact, the state has the fourth lowest unemployment rate in the country. However, residents also earn less than average salaries. This is largely due to geographic disparity and a complementary lower cost of living. South Dakotans with advanced degrees in economics do quite well in the state.

The Bureau of Labor Services (BLS) posts impressive salaries for private sector analysts with economics backgrounds in the state. Management analysts earned $68,500 or $32.93 per hour as of 2011.

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