South Dakota Graduate Economics Degrees

Among the business schools in South Dakota that offer a master’s in economics or MBA with a managerial economics concentration are accelerated programs that combine an undergraduate degree with the master’s program. Opting for an online degree through one of the many universities authorized by the South Dakota Department of Education to enroll state residents is a smart move for busy professionals. Many of these programs are accredited and allow more options for specialization in business economics.

Opportunities for Economics Majors in South Dakota

South Dakota is a wind-rich state, and with wind now being valued in the amount of energy it can produce, the wind energy industry is fast becoming a tremendous contributor to the state’s economy. Argus Leader reports on a recent study by the USDA Economic Research Service, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory, which addressed the impact of each megawatt of installed wind power.

South Dakota’s public sector economic analysts have recently revealed that there would be a potential average increase of .5 jobs in each county for every megawatt of wind energy produced in the state. This is the first time the economic impact of renewable energy has been studied and applied on the county level in lieu of providing general estimates.

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