Tennessee Careers in Economics

Tennessee is home to the headquarters of a number of Fortune 500 companies that support management and leadership jobs for staff with backgrounds in managerial economics. Business economists help financial officers and executives of Tennessee’s biggest companies plan avenues to optimize spending, make wise investments, and position themselves strategically in the marketplace. Among the biggest corporate employers of managerial economists in Tennessee are:

  • Community Health Systems, Franklin
  • Dollar General, Goodlettsville
  • FedEx, Memphis
  • HCA Holdings, Nashville
  • International Paper, Memphis


Public sector economists pursue careers with local, state, or federal government agencies. These professionals are charged with helping decide the best spending route for public funds and with developing state tax code and economic policies. These Tennessee agencies are among the state’s top employers of economists in the public sector:

  • Department of Economic and Community Development
  • Economic Council on Women
  • State of Tennessee
  • Tennessee State Parks
  • Tennessee Valley Authority


Tennessee’s Economic Development Organizations

It’s a wise move to start networking well before receiving an advanced degree. There are a number of local organizations dedicated to improving the state’s economy. Consider joining:

  • Economic Development Council
  • Southern Economic Association
  • Renewable Energy and Economic Development Council


Economist Salaries and Job Data in Tennessee

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that economists are earning impressive salaries in Tennessee. The average salary among economists in Tennessee is $82,920 per year or $39.86 per hour.

There are currently 60 public sector economists in Tennessee, but many careers in economics are in analyst roles within the private sector, so there are many more managerial and business economists in the state.

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