Tennessee Graduate Economics Degrees

Tennessee is home to four universities that offer master’s degrees in conventional financial economics. The state’s Department of Education governs all institutions in Tennessee, including out-of-state online schools authorized to enroll state residents. Some of the state’s universities also offer doctoral degrees for those interested in careers related to research or teaching.

A traditional, campus-based program isn’t the best choice for every graduate student. For many, online master’s programs fit easier into a busy life that includes an existing career. Choosing an online program is often the preferred option for residents in rural areas without easy access to Tennessee’s traditional campus-based schools that offer master’s level economics programs or MBAs that place a focus on managerial economics.

A Well-Publicized Economics Study Conducted in Tennessee

Tennessee has been the testing ground for leading economist Raj Chetty, economics professor with Harvard University. Chetty’s analysis of thousands of Tennessee grammar school classrooms in 2011 allowed him to theorized that children in grades K–3 who are in smaller classrooms are likelier to go to college, buy a home, and save for retirement. Nearly 12,000 Tennessee students were involved in Chetty’s analysis and his findings earned him a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant.

Opportunities for Economics Majors in Tennessee

Vining Sparks, a top Tennessee-based business consultancy firm, is leading the watch on sales trends among national retailers. The Fiscal Times reports an increase in retail purchases in September 2012 in nearly every industry, from clothing to cars. Since consumer spending accounts for 75 percent of economic activity, Craig Dismuke, an economist at Vining Sparks, says this is an excellent position to be in while heading into the end of 2012.

Economic analysts with the Memphis Business Journal report that Tennessee comes in 14th nationally in terms of business tax climate. Rankings are determined based on corporate, individual, sales, unemployment, and property taxes. A state’s top competition is the surrounding states and Tennessee comes in well ahead of neighboring states.

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