Utah Graduate Economics Degrees

A number of public universities and private institutions offer a master’s degree in economics in Utah. The state’s Department of Education oversees all institutions, including national universities with satellite campuses in the state and online schools.

Conventional economics programs offer advanced degrees through an economics department while more business-centered economics programs are offered through a university’s school of business. It is increasingly common for graduate students to specialize in managerial economics, or even combine an MBA with an economics degree.

Choosing to pursue an advanced degree with an accredited online institution is becoming increasingly popular. Online programs allow graduate students more time with their families and the ability to maintain existing careers.

Economists and Utah’s Pipeline Controversy

Numerous Utah economists rallied together to argue against the Lake Powell Pipeline Project. Lawmakers listened to the economists, according to The Spectrum, and the proposed project has been tabled. Economists argued that the project would cause massive water cost increases to residents in Washington County. They estimated that water districts’ revenues have to increase 370 percent every year for 50 years to fund the project, making it economically non-viable.

Utah’s 2012 Budget Surplus

Utah’s economy has been steadily growing and it’s expected to continue to grow through 2013. Economists estimate that the state will have a budget surplus of $100 million by June 30, 2013 according to Utah Pulse. If this does occur, graduates of the state’s leading economics programs will serve as advisors on the best route for spending.

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