Virginia Graduate Economics Degrees

The Virginia Department of Education oversees all institutions in the state. A geographically small state, Virginia boasts four universities offering a master’s degree in economics and two that offer only a Ph.D. in the field. This advanced degree is offered via schools of business, political science, public administration, and economics. Pursuing a dual degree such as an MBA and an MA in economics is an option. Specializing in managerial economics or another niche field is another avenue.

Consider Alternative Routes

A traditional college campus isn’t the best learning environment for every student. Choosing an accredited online program is the best route for many students. This allows for more flexibility and options. Nixing commutes, costly moves and being able to spend more time with family or a career is essential for many students pursuing an advanced degree. Students interested in a particular specialty also have more choices when considering an online program.

Success in Virginia

A Virginia economist, Gary Richardson, was just hired as the Federal Reserve Bank’s historian according to The Zot Report. This new position marks the Federal Reserve’s Centennial Celebration in 2013. Richardson is charged with collecting, organizing and showcasing the Reserve’s rich history. The goal is more transparency so that Virginians and other Americans can better appreciate the history of the institution. It’s a unique example of how combining multiple degrees and passions can make for a once in a lifetime opportunity for economists.

CBS News reports that Virginia managed to escape the worst of the recession. The state’s highest unemployment rate never came close to the national average. Economists report that Virginia is an enviable state with a $448 million surplus during the last fiscal year. Loudoun County boasts the country’s highest median income.

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