Washington Careers in Economics

Many large corporations that are among the nation’s top employers of private sector managerial economists are headquartered in Seattle. Costco Wholesale, based in Issaquah, supports analyst and business economics jobs in Washington. Business economists are responsible for forecasting market trends, analyzing data and working closely with executives to map out the best routes for spending.

Analysts at Microsoft have the unique opportunity to work with a tech giant by helping the company make sound investment choices and keeping a close eye on the evolving regulatory environment.

Other top creators of private sector economist jobs in Washington include:

  • Amazon.com, Seattle
  • Nordstrom, Seattle
  • Paccar, Bellevue
  • Starbucks, Seattle
  • Weyerhaeuser, Federal Way

Economists who serve local, state or federal government agencies have increased job security. Public sector careers in economics can be found with these government agencies:

  • Department of Commerce
  • Economic and Revenue Forecast Council
  • Office of Financial Management

Start Connecting Through Resources Available to Washington’s Economists

There are many organizations in the state focused on connecting like-minded economists. Consider joining one of these groups:

  • Washington Economic Development Association
  • Microenterprise Association
  • Washington Workforce Association

Economist Salaries in Washington State

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2011, there were 240 economists employed in Washington earning an average of $81,140 for the year.  The 120 economists working in the Seattle area earned an average annual salary of $82,930.

In 2011, there were 1,450 business and managerial economics professors working throughout the state at an average rate of $76,010 per year.  In the Seattle area, 730 business and managerial economics professors earned an average annual salary of $79,040.  The 250 business and managerial economics professor careers centered in Spokane generated an average salary of $68,970 for the year.

The total number of economics professors working in Washington was 210 in 2011, earning an average salary of $76,370.

Salaries for economist vary around the state and, naturally, professionals in larger cities demand a higher salary. The BLS has collected average salaries for economists in various parts of Washington:

  • Bellevue, $82,930
  • Everett, $82,930
  • Seattle, $82,930
  • Tacoma, $84,270

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