West Virginia Careers in Economics

The primary export in West Virginia is coal. The secondary export in the state is natural gas. However, both industries are perishable: Like crude oil, there is a limited amount of the resource available. Key to the state’s future economic strategy is mapping out a plan for growth when coal and natural gas resources are expended. Economic strategists, armed with firsthand knowledge of state issues and prepared with the right education, are developing strategies to maximize the value of coal and natural gas in the area.

Economist Job Opportunities in West Virginia

Natural gas is being presented as a safe and popular alternative for powering vehicles. According to USA Today, the United States is the world’s largest exporter of this resource. Utilizing natural gas as a fuel source for automobiles could end the nation’s dependence on foreign oil with shocking rapidity. It is the West Virginia-based economist who might lead the charge in this area.

Several companies headquartered in West Virginia might provide career opportunities to master’s-prepared economists and financial analysts, including International Coal Group, headquartered in Teays Valley and Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel. In addition, large global corporations like Toyota, Lockheed Martin and MATRIC maintain a huge presence in West Virginia and support many of the business and managerial economist jobs in the area.

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