Wyoming Graduate Economics Degrees

Wyoming is home to an AACSB-accredited university offering a master’s program in economics; however, many graduate students opt for the convenience of online programs. Those more interested in pursuing advanced degrees in managerial economics or MBA programs that include a business economics concentration also have options to pursue campus-based and online programs. The Wyoming Department of Education oversees all higher education institutes in the state as well as out-of-state online programs authorized to enroll Wyoming residents.

The state’s universities offering advanced degrees in economics boast alumni organizations with many networking opportunities and events. Economists in Wyoming make up a relatively small but very active group, and networking with local businesses is a common occurrence.

Recent census data has confirmed that Wyoming is doing relatively well in the struggling economy. Economists with the Wyoming Department of Administration & Information, Economic Analysis Division note that Wyoming has the lowest number of residents receiving food stamps in the country at 5.9%.

However, the town of Jackson Hole proudly hosts the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium where nearly 150 of the world’s biggest names in economics and finance flock to every year according to The Courier Press.

This well-attended event isn’t the only bright spot on Wyoming’s horizon. Bloomberg Businessweek News reports that since 2010, the number of businesses considering relocating to Wyoming has doubled; highlighting a shortage of economists with the advanced education these companies look for. A stable business environment supported by business-friendly tax codes and policies is the leading cause for this new interest.

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